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"As first time home-owners the prospect of hiring a contractor was more than a little daunting. Thank goodness for Phil. He took the time to explain everything to us, he always worked within our budget, and consistently exceeded our expectations.

Since we first asked him to repair a leaking dormer, we've had him back to remodel our basement, build a new deck, replace the structural supports of the house (not for the weak of heart!), and even do some tricky custom sound-proofing work for a recording studio.

No one works on our house but Phil. He is a dedicated craftsman and true gentleman.

Chris & Amy - Somers, NY
Here's what people are saying about Daedalus Design
"Last week you looked at the floor of our former church choir loft. lt is a 17 ft wide and 8 ft long loft over the front entrance and entrance stairs that was installed in1875. The floor was installed at an angle of 1.5 inches per foot which provided a large choir the view of the altar in front.

The plan by the Architect was to cover over the floor, which would have left part of the stairs ceiling height less than 80 inches. Furthermore, it required a significant amount of new lumber.

The option I preferred was to level the floor, but other contractors had suggested disassembling the floor and raising each joist one-at-a-time. This had been our plan until you reviewed the situation.

Your recommendation was to sever the flooring at the side walls and to disconnect the joists at the inside wall allowing the tloor to be leveled with hydraulic jacks.

This procedure was much simpler in concept. You accomplished the task with my assistance in 5.5hrs. This was much faster than had been previously planned saving at least three man-days.

Your experience and ingenuity gave us not only a quick solution but saved material, time and money. For that we are indebted to you.

John - Stillwater, NY